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We understand that consumers shop at different stores for different reasons. That’s why a shelving strategy designed for a grocery store most likely won’t work in a convenience store or a drug store or a mass merchandiser.


Using our broad retail knowledge as a base, We customizes our sales and marketing services for each of the channels in which we specialize. With coverage spanning eight channels and representing more than 90% of CPG sales, we work hard to tailor our strategies and tactics to perfectly fit each environment.





  • Club

While most supermarkets stock 50,000 items, club stores typically carry only 4,000. In addition they require brands to meet minimum sales thresholds to maintain distribution. As a result, we look for unique, innovative ways to introduce brands to this channel and accelerate growth for existing brands. 


  • Convenience

Convenience stores are facing increasing competition from other channels, such as mass merchandisers and club stores. We offers a depth of both experience and expertise in the channel.


Shoppers are demanding more from convenience stores than just convenience these days. They want to find what they’re looking for fast, they also want a clean, organized store with higher-quality products that are cross-merchandised in effective ways.


  • Drug

Nowhere is the consumerism trend in health care more relevant than in the drug store channel. As consumers increasingly look to take control of their health, it has become imperative to understand their needs, preferences and shopping habits — and to translate that understanding into highly effective strategies for shelving, promotions, pricing, and much more.


  • E-Commerce

15% of consumers currently purchase confections online and this trend will only continue to rise. We addressed this growth early and count with the required content and material.


  • Foodservice

College / University - Military  - Healthcare - Lodging - Entertainment 

Reaching snack bars, gift shops, cafeterias, restaurants, caterers, airlines, trains and so many other point of sale covered by this category.


  • Gift / Specialty

Gift/Specialty Sales channel services the gift industry that carries or is interested in confectionery products .  From gift card to footware companies, today's retailer seeks to bring an experience to their store by combining  unique products with eatable pleasures. 


  • Grocery

Even with competition from mass merchandisers, clubs and dollar stores, the grocery channel is still growing, expanding categories such as ready-to-eat, featuring more sustainable and healthier items, and increasing promotional activity. 



  • Mass Merchandisers

Mass merchandisers and supercenters featuring the benefits of one-stop, high-value shopping have increasingly attracted shoppers away from grocery stores in recent years. But even with this growth, the fact that mass-merchandiser shoppers are so often driven by price means that brands in this channel must still find innovative ways to protect and grow market share.


  • Natural/Gourmet

Natural/Gourmet channel services natural food stores, specialty gourmet stores, and the growing number of national supermarket chains that feature natural/specialty food departments.


  • Value

One of the fastest-growing channels around with more than 22,000 stores in 48 states, value stores succeed because of the extreme value they offer shoppers coupled with the easy-to-navigate small store format. Such growth means opportunity, with expanding product lines and a greater variety of shopper segments. But it also means competition, not only among value stores themselves but also from more traditional food, drug and mass merchandisers, which are striving to find their place among extreme value shoppers.


  • Vending / Self serve

With over 1.2 million vending machines selling confectionery goods and a revenue estimated at 9.7 billion, this category is a very effective. Although it has shown signs of weak growth in past years, the new technology is showing promising results.