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alpaca scarves - stoles - shawls - throws 


Alpaca, a real treasure of the Peruvian Andes, camelid which lives in altitude of over 13,000ft and below zero temperatures, developing a hair with unique thermal properties. Soft and strong with a unique beauty due to its texture and the wide range of natural colors. This exclusive garment is made of high-quality alpaca fiber. Its transformation is the harmony of modern technology and skilled artisan finishing to produce the highest level of quality.

About Alpacas



There are more than four million alpacas in Perú where, since the earliest times, the species has shared its existence with people of the Andean steppes, people who are the traditional herdsmen of these useful animals.


Both types of alpaca are beautiful creatures.  The suri has very long, dense, wavy fiber which is lustrous and soft to the touch.  The fleece of the huacaya is curly and voluminous, somewhat shorter than that of the suri.  Both are highly valued for their excellent characteristics: they refuse to burn unless, in direct contact with a flame, they are soft to the touch, absorb a little humidity from the surroundings, and are thermally insulating, strong and elastic.  Alpaca products have a superb appearance, an aristocratic drape and a natural luster that does not diminish with time.


There is no other natural fiber that occurs in so many different colors.  Each animal produces a fleece weighing between 1,5 and 2,0 kilos and average fiber fineness varies between 15 and 28 microns.  This makes alpaca a favorite material for handcrafted or industrial textiles, either pure or in blends. 


Employed in a variety of products, like ours, it is much sought after in the world's most demanding markets.

The alpaca is the lord of the Peruvian Andes. 
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